On Her Shoulders


On Her Shoulders
(États-Unis, 2018, 94 min)

De Alexandria Bombach

With every speech, interview and meeting with the media, Nadia Murad returns to 2014, when Islamic State was committing genocide against the Yazidi in northern Iraq and used her as a sex slave, recalling the atrocities and the murder of her loved ones. She is a strong woman battling for Yazidi rights, who is slowly being forgotten.  The filmmaker was with Nadia when she was leaving the UN building and television studios. She has filmed the story of a sensitive woman who has sacrificed herself for the greater good. Nadia once wanted to open a beauty salon in her village. Now she wants to see ISIS face the International Criminal Court and to win rights for war victims. 

This film will be screened during the One world / Jeden svět festival.