End of the Century


End of the Century
(Argentine, 2019, 84 min)

De Lucio Castro

Avec Juan Barberini, Ramon Pujol, Mia Maestro

Dans le cadre du festival QFF Mezipatra

Déconseillé aux moins de 18 ans

While on holidays, Ocho rents a flat on the seashore of Barcelona. He eats alone, drinks beer and visits the beach where he flirts with smiling Javi. The inconspicuous admiration from afar gradually grows into stolen kisses and finally passionate sex. The lovers spend a whole day together. But the situation starts to feel familiar to both. Is this truly their first meeting? Can you forget a person you may have once loved? This intimate story by the Argentinian director Lucio Castro focuses on the importance of small decisions that can change the direction of our lives in a completely unexpected way, and on the treachery of human memory. The director's debut relies on the  authenticity and detailed psychology of the couple's relationship, showing how the unusual romance might be less detached from us than it may seem at first sight. This sincere account of a long-term relationship won the main award at the Frameline festival in San Francisco.