The Prince of Nothingwood


The Prince of Nothingwood
(France, Allemagne, 2017, 85 min)

De Sonia Kronlund

Category: Art for Change

One World Festival

The Afghan film industry makes do without much fancy equipment – just the enthusiasm of a few people who would lay down their lives for the film. One such person is Salim Shaheen – director, producer and actor all in one.

"Mines? I can die for art," Salim says, as he grasps a Kalashnikov to shoot one of the scenes of his latest, one hundred and tenth film. He is able to shoot four films at the same time, and decades-long warfare has not discouraged him from continuously working. He is now heading to a mountainous area near the town of Bamiyan, where he plans to shoot an autobiographical film about his childhood. This documentary by French director Sonie Kronlund follows with humour and empathy the story of a great visionary, a charismatic dreamer and a natural entertainer who was born for film.