A Theory of Equality


A Theory of Equality
(République tchèque, 2017, 63 min)

De Barbora Chalupová

Category: Czech Competition

One World Festival

Barbora Chalupová’s film tries to map out the state of the current debate on gender balance and opportunity in the Czech Republic.

The annual Sexist Pigs campaign evokes amused comments from the Czech public and gets considerable media attention. But how do we measure the state of gender equality when we look away from the most glaring cases? The camera follows the activities of members of Čtvrtá vlna (a Czech feminist organisation), the coordinators of the government campaign This is equality!, and the head of the Genderman group. There are also scenes from a seminar organized by the sympathizers of Ladislav Jakl, who complain about the weakening opportunities for the white heterosexual male. Recorded interviews, queries from public lectures, and informal meetings of those who express themselves on the subject of inequality come together to form a mosaic that reflects the level of discussion in the Czech Republic.