Second Hand Heroes


Second Hand Heroes

De Christian Knorr

Category: Long Live Life!

One World Festival

An overgrown ficus, a chipped solid wooden chest or an old gramophone record – the "second hand heroes" find a new purpose for these seemingly useless things. And they also find a purpose for their own life.

"I wanted to take my life in my own hands and look for new possibilities," Renato recalls when he opened his bazaar 11 years ago in an old factory building, which he now has to abandon. Similarly, Stefan recently decided to step into the unknown, leave his job, open up a junk shop and give things a new life. Johannes believes that old things have an irreplaceable value, and besides running a used goods business, he has dedicated his life to the care of an ancient cemetery. This documentary opens the doors to several junk stores in Bern, Switzerland, and captures the motivations of their owners to fight against consumerism.