Nothing is Forgiven


Nothing is Forgiven
(Belgique, France, Maroc, 2017, 62 min)

De Vincent Coen, Guillaume Vandenberghe

Category: Eurodrome

One World Festival

Not only native Europeans have been shaken by the terrorist attacks in Paris, but also those who have come to Europe to seek a safe haven. One of them is Casablanca native Zineb El Rhazoui.

Zineb does not hide her critical views on Islam and religion in general. To seek freedom of expression she went to France, where she became a columnist at the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. The film follows a key five-year period of her life from 2011 to 2016. In 2015, Zineb had to overcome the shock of her colleagues' murder. In the coming months, she was confronted with life under constant threat and massive security measures, while also preparing for the birth of her child. Despite losing the illusion of security in the midst of Western society, Zineb remains determined to fight fanaticism.