Language of Aroma

Language of Aroma
(2018, 19 min)

Režie: Nathalie Attallah

Promítání v rámci vestivalu Eko-Logika

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Nadcházející projekce

Humans can distinguish at least one trillion distinct smells, yet many people find it difficult to precisely describe them. Due to this, the world of aroma has traditionally borrowed its language from the other senses. Designing purely for the visual, however, engenders alienation. Language of Aroma unites 19 leading experts and iconic brands around one powerful detail: Aroma. How can inclusive design principles be used to create the new, objective language of aroma? Join the conversation with a Master Sommelier, Bocuse d'Or team coach, Michelin-star Chef, winemaker, and academics from Brown, UC Irvine, and UBC. Blend in scent-branding experts, artists, Microsoft Design, TEALEAVES, and language creators from Game of Thrones, Pantone, and musicology. The goal is to democratize aroma to ultimately enhance the ability to receive information, explore the world, satisfy essential needs and experience joy and wonder.

Promítání v rámci vestivalu Eko-Logika