(Jacques Tati, France, 1958, 110 min., FR + EN)

Blok: Archi.Kult

Mr Hulot lives in the old folk district, in which dogs run around on the streets and people have the time to stop and chat with each other. Mr Hulot’s sister, on the other hand, lives in a modern luxurious neighbourhood. Her husband, a wealthy industrialist, built there a state-of-the-art vila, with both alien and basically impractical design. Mr Hulot comes to visit his nine-year-old nephew Gérard, who regards the suburbs as paradise. He can play and fool about with other children. After returning back home, it is necessary to wash and disinfect the son. The parents do not like this kind of upbringing at all. Gérard's father will provide Mr. Hulot with work, and he only brings chaos and disorder to the demeaned world. This environment, where everything is controlled with buttons is definitely not the right for him.

This film is presented at the Blok: Archi.Kult of 2018 Film and Architecture Festival.

Archi.Kult includes films significant not only for both film and architecture fans. Each year we select films with an interesting architectural theme and at the same time holds an important place in the history of cinematography. These are legendary, cult films regardless of genre and production.