I Know You Are There


I Know You Are There
(Belgique, Pays-Bas, 2017, 86 min)

De Thom Vander Beken

Category: International Competition

One World Festival

Quentin has been living between life and death for years without any prospect of improvement. As people in a state of minimal consciousness perceive positive emotions in their surroundings, his family does not stop giving him daily care.

He watches his loved ones with eyes wide open. Sometimes a smile appears on his lips, but he never answers. He is unable to walk, is confined to bed and requires continuous care. "If only we knew what you want," his mother sighs, her eyes lowered and lovingly covering her adult son with a blanket. Ten years have elapsed since the car accident that put Quentin in a coma for three weeks and left him in a state of minimal consciousness. His brain functions are examined by top neurologists in a specialised laboratory, while his loved ones have just one question in their hearts: Is he going to be like this forever?