Brief Story from the Green Planet


Brief Story from the Green Planet
(Argentine, Brésil, Espagne, 2019, 90 min)

De Santiago Loza

Avec Romina Escobar, Paul Grinszpan, Luis Soda, Elvira Onetto

Dans le cadre du festival QFF Mezipatra

Tania, Pedro and Daniela's endless clubbing in Buenos Aires is their natural habitat. The world outside the colorful parties is cold and cruel towards everything different and, therefore, towards them as well. But when Tania learns about her grandmother's passing, the three friends decide to leave the shelter of the club scene and head to the countryside. Arranging all the necessities after a family member's death takes an unexpected turn when they discover Tania’s grandmother's last wish – to help her dearest friend return home. Home, however, is located on another planet. There's no other choice but to pack and set off. This quirky road movie about the importance of friendship and solidarity won the prestigious Teddy Award and will take you on an unexpected journey through an almost alien landscape.