(Suisse, 2019, 93 min)

De Stéphane Riethauser

Dans le cadre du festival QFF Mezipatra

Madame is a documentary following the relationship between Stéphane and his ninety-year-old grandma Caroline, who involuntarily became a housewife in the 1920s. Caroline's life was full of self-repression and self-denial, but she still managed to keep an open mind, as that was the only way to remain free in a world full of oppression. And Stéphane is facing a similar struggle in our modern, seemingly more enlightened times. The audience can witness exciting and inspiring film archaeology, which uncovers the moments when an innocent youth grows into a mature, aware man. But how to deal with the fact that the “values” often ascribed to men are based on oppressing women? And are there any similarities between his and his grandmother's fate? This intimate journey into their worlds relies on the rich family archive and presents the perfect opportunity to take your grandparents to the movies!