Anote's Ark


Anote's Ark
(Canada, 2018, 77 min)

De Matthieu Rytz

The president of Kiribati is doing his best to save his people, but he knows he cannot fight against destiny. He travels to world forums to highlight climate threats. He bitterly explains how and why his state is disappearing. Even if it cannot be stopped, he feels obliged to warn others. Part of the population is already leaving Kiribati. One such individual is Sermary, who is looking for a new home with his sister in New Zealand. They learn to live in an unknown world. The film depicts anxiety about the disappearance of a tropical paradise and the disruption of cultural continuity, but also shows how its inhabitants try to find meaning and hope within in this situation with humour and melancholy.

This film will be screened during the One world / Jeden svět festival.